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Counseling & Career Center


Students are encouraged to visit the counseling office for walk-ins during lunches or for quick questions (5 minutes or less).  

We encourage students to schedule appointments and meet with their counselor to address any questions or concerns they may have. Students will be given a hall pass with their appointment date and time.

To schedule an appointment, please stop into the counseling office or call 253-841-8722.

Counselors are available to assist students in educational planning, social/personal development, scholarships, and post-high school planning. 

Educational Planning

  • Scheduling
  • Credit Checks
  • Credit Recovery
  • Standardized Testing
  • Dual Credit Opportunities
  • World Language Proficency Exam
  • Graduation Pathways

Social/Personal Development

  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress management techniques
  • Time management skills
  • Substance abuse information & resources

Post High School Planning

  • Post High School Planning
  • College Resources
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • College Entrance Requirements

News and Updates


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Contact Info


Summer Hours

  • Monday - Friday 
    • 8:00am - 1:00pm

School Year Hours

  • Monday - Friday 
    • 7:30am - 3:30pm

Phone Number

(253) 841-8722


(253) 841-8780


Anna Franich 
Last Names: A-De

Tim Lynch
Last Names: Df-J
(253) 604-3338

Lori Tierney
Last Names: K-O
(253) 604-3337

Javan Chow
Last Names: P-S
(253) 604-3335

Alyssa Capocy
Last Names: T-Z + AVID
(253) 604-3339

On-Time Graduation Specialist

Allison Martin

(253) 604-3658

Counseling Staff

Click on the staff's name to access their contact information.

  • Enrollment/registration
  • General Questions
  • Withdrawal
  • Order transcripts
  • Counselor Appointments


  • Contact info updates
  • Counselor Appointments 
  • General questions

  • Education Verifications
  • Counselor Appointments
  • General Questions
  • Records Requests

  • Transcript Questions 

Career Center


HSBP Questions?

Richard Mitchell
Career Specialist & HSB Coordinator
(253) 604-3342

Employment Paperwork Questions?

Liz Oakes
Career Center Secretary
(253) 604-3343