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Building History

Rogers High School
12801 86th Avenue East
Puyallup, WA 98373

The original Rogers High School was opened in 1968 and is located on South Hill, west of Meridian Street South and just south of 128th Street East. The project architect was Seifort, Forbes and Berry of Tacoma, Washington and the general contractor was KAM Construction Company, also of Tacoma, Washington.

Rogers High School was named in honor of Governor John R. Rogers. Governor Rogers was a former schoolteacher, businessman and author, who moved to the Puyallup area in 1890. Elected to the House of Representatives in 1894, he introduced the Barefoot Schoolboy Law which provided state tax money ($6.00 per child) to subsidize county schools. He was elected as Governor in 1896 and re-elected in 1900. Governor Rogers is buried in the Puyallup cemetery.

A separate Auto Shop Building was constructed in 1971 and a shop addition was built in 1977. A two (2) classroom addition to the Administration Building, a three (3) classroom science addition on the southwest side of the Main Classroom Building, Performing Arts Center were all added in 1983. The Rogers Swimming Pool facility was constructed in 1987. All but the Performing Arts Center and the pool facility were completely remodeled as part of the 1997 Bond Program and a student commons area was added to connect the cafeteria and gymnasium with the classroom building. Major mechanical system improvements and roof replacement were completed in 2005 for the Rogers Pool building.

The permanent buildings have a total of 53 classroom spaces, one (1) gymnasium, one (I) swimming pool, one (I) special education classrooms and several smaller specialty instructional spaces. In 2012, the buildings had Building Assessment Scores as follows: 82 for the Main Building, 59 for the Pool Building, 84 for the Administrative Building, 74 for the Technology Building, 66 for the Art Studio Building.

Eligibility for state matching funds for modernization or new construction in lieu of modernization for the buildings not remodeled in 2000 will occur as follows; 2003 for the Performing Arts Building, weight room and other 1983 classroom additions and 2007 for the Swimming Pool Building. Those buildings remodeled in 2000 will be eligible in 2030.